Hey, I'm Paige

I like to describe myself as the girl that never quite fit in growing up. I was subpar in most childhood sports + activities. Always the awkward one in groups, and seemed to think ideas that only resonated with people 10+ years older than me. 
I learned as I got older my skills were more in business + entrepreneurship – not something highly recognized as a child. I love creating when it comes to makeup + style. 
For the last 7 years, I have spent time building business + developing skills + talents I never thought possible. My greatest passion is helping other women like me recognize their innate gifts and find success through their passions. 
Currently, I get to do that by sharing about a makeup line I am OBSESSED with. I help women see their inner beauty through enhancing their outer beauty, and help women find financial freedom through an online based business. 
My hobbies include listening to business podcasts, wearing lots of hats, playing with makeup, and pouring into hundreds of women I have the honor to work alongside. 
If you love easy, simple makeup and would love to learn more about how you can create an amazing income all online – shoot me a message or check out the “Artist Program Info” tab. 


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