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IIID makeup

“This makeup is flawless. I’m obsessed.”

“Hey yall! First timer using Seint and I am absolutely SWOONING over these products. I have followed Paige for awhile and finally pulled the trigger to invest in myself. I work in healthcare and usually do not like to have anything on my face – but I also want to look somewhat put together and awake! I am absolutely loving these products – everything is so light and feels so natural. I’m still working on technique, but I’m loving the process!”

“I am one week in and loving these products!! This was my first attempt and I was so surprised by the finished product. I’ve found for me putting all of the products at once and blending works the best for me so far. Coming from a long crafted layering routine and primarily powder products I honestly get nervous everytime I go to apply feeling like I am winging it, but it seems to magically turn out! I am wearing highlights: white peach and candlelit, contour and bronzer: Astoria and Bella, blush and illuminator: pink grapefruit and honey, and I go in with amber on any areas that need a little extra coverage”

“Hi, I’m new to Seint. I actually bought my first makeup back in April and didn’t use it.  When I finally pulled it out about a month ago I realized how dry and how big my pores were. I wasn’t originally matched by Paige and the color I was using was too light and it accentuated my dehydrated and big pores. Fast forward to stumbling across Paige, taking care of my skin and actually getting the right color “sandy” and the difference is amazing. Thank you Paige. This is my color match pic with Paige and yesterday’s makeup application. I have used it for 5 days now!!  Now to work on my hooded eye eyeshadow application”

“My acne goes crazy this time of year with all the sugar dairy holiday deliciousness and my brown summer sun damage mask is still hanging on strong too.  what are you going to do seint + demi to the rescue! (thank God!)”

“I absolutely LOVE Seint makeup! I haven’t ever found anything that helps hide the redness from rosacea until starting this makeup 6 months ago. Application took some practice at first, but now it’s quick and fun to apply! My absolute favorite colors/products are Bella, Sedona, and Maui!”

“Another reason why I love Seint. In 104 degree weather the magic formula holds up and covers my redness and melasma.”

“First day using my palette and makeup feels light and isn’t drying. I have dry skin and rosacea.”

“Such a natural look! My kindergarteners said “Wow, you never wear makeup, you look so pretty!” Even though I do every day!! They are honest to a fault, so after that, I’m all in with this product! Extremely happy with Paige’s recommendations! Struggling w/ melasma at 49 & haven’t even tried Demii yet, but will after seeing what the basics can do!”

“I love the natural look this make up gives you! And no creasing for those fine lines!

I’m still learning how to apply but getting better every day.”

happy customers

hear what people are saying

demi makeup

“Demi for the win!! I am blown away at how awesome Demi is. Paige always makes it look so easy, and with a lot of practice I am finally starting to feel confident in my application.”

“Here’s my normal makeup on the left and Demi on the right. Much better coverage on mY dark spot and under eyes even though I’m wearing much less makeup!”

“I did my first full face of demi today and I’m so excited. My husband said to me today, “your face seems brighter today, like you look more awake and alert.” As a mother to a 2 year old this is probably the best compliment I can ask for . Thanks so much Paige Sevier for always answering all my questions and sending me such good information.”

“Wow!! Demi is that “icing on the cake” that I was looking for! You apply so little that it feels like you’re not doing anything, but then you take a step back… it has erased my muddy eye buckets!!”

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