If you have been a long time liquid or powder wearer, it will take your skin a week or two to adjust to the creams. Your skin may feel a little sticky for a bit or extra shiny but I promise once your skin adjusts it will feel just like a second skin! Feel free to add a little setting powder while it adjusts.
Moisturizing your skin is super important, BUT You do not need to MOISTURIZE right before application like you would before using a liquid foundation. If you feel like you need to MOISTURIZE in the morning, make sure that you are letting your moisturizer SOAK INTO YOUR SKIN or your cream will slide around/off of your skin. I always apply mine right after I get out the shower. Do my hair and then apply my makeup.
With creams, there is no need to prime. You can PRIME but make sure that there is NOT silicone in your primer. I recommend Illamasqua Hydroveil primer or Milk Hydro grip.
SPF’s can cause excess oil production, so the same rule applies—let your SPF soak in before applying your makeup. Some setting sprays also have SPF in them and could be a good alternative.
Less is more!! I can’t say it enough. Your highlight tin should be lasting around 2-4 months. If you are going through a lot, we may also need to get you a darker shade. If you touch your skin and it feels tacky, you have too much product on your skin.
Setting Sprays work wonders! We also have a powder that fits into your palette called Vanilla Dust. Use it on your oily areas. Or you can even try “baking” your powder. Use a spooly brush to brush up your vanilla dust powder to a looser consistency and let it sit on your face for about 5 minutes and then brush it off.
Try exfoliating and mositurizing your skin AT NIGHT and try applying your makeup the next day. If it is still flaky or patchy, it may be an indicator you need a different shade and we can talk about our amazing skincare line.
Go darker, not lighter. I also highly recommend DEMI correctors for acne. They work wonders. Most people need YO1 for fresh acne, and O1, or O3 as it’s healing. I recommend applying Demi at the end of your routine.
Use more than one highlight. The creams are blend-able so it is very easy to achieve a polished look using different shades.
Use our PERFECTOR SPONGE after getting it damp with water and then using it to PRESS your makeup into your skin while it also removes any excess product. If you’re sponge is removing too much makeup you could be pressing too hard OR your shade is too light so it’s sitting on top of the skin instead of blending in.
You are probably not used to a dewy finish. We don’t want to look wet but we don’t want to look dry…it can be a hard transition. Your skin should LOOK LIKE SKIN! We don’t want you to look oily or sweaty—but you will learn the difference 😊 Cream makeup does not SET! It is designed to move with your skin and to look like skin. You can use a setting spray and/or powder to set the makeup if you feel like it is slipping. A glowing and dewy finish is beautiful, and once you get used to seeing your skin actually looking like skin through the makeup, you will never be able to go back to a matte makeup. However, note that again if it’s overly oily or shiny those are indications of a color issue OR you’re using an spf or primer that is interacting wrongly with the creams.
Use a darker contour if you feel like you can’t see your contour after a few hours. Same rule applies to blush. Also, you may have larger pores in your contour/blush area so try applying your foundation in your contour area first and then stippling your contour over top.
If your contour looks dirty, it is the wrong contour color for you skin, or you could be using way too much. It should not settle into your pores or seem hard to blend in.
Texture issues are almost always color problems – Aka too light! If you feel like one part of your skin has a texture problem, you may need a different color on those specific parts of your skin. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize. If you can see the flakes, cream will not cover up that texture!
Clean your brushes once a week with our Brush Cleanser to avoid any breakouts from using dirty brushes but also to avoid picking up too much product. Sanitize your tins with alcohol spray every so often. The denser the brushes bristles, the more product it will pick up.
As always, send me a text if you need help!