Secret Lip Hack For Mature Skin Women

As we age gravity naturally pulls our face down, the corners of our lips can turn down and we lose color and volume AROUND the mouth. This can make us appear older and make our lips appear thinner than they are. 

With the passing of time, our lips inevitably undergo some changes. This natural progression of aging often includes a reduction in collagen production, which may cause our lips to appear thinner and not as plump as before. Additionally, the crisp outline that once defined our lips may become softer, and the youthful color we took for granted may begin to fade. However, there’s no need to fret! This transformation doesn’t mean you can’t still flaunt a gorgeous, vibrant pout. It simply means tweaking your makeup routine to cater to your changing lips. Instead of seeing these changes as setbacks, view them as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques and products. Let’s explore this lip hack that’s per

Here’s how to bring life and volume back to your lips without crazy overlining:

Step 1: Add color in dull areas around the mouth. Avoid dark spots. Use cream bronzer and a small light bristle brush

Step 2: Use a self tanner (as a stain) and a tiny little flick up from the corners of the mouth – tap of any excess

This little hack instantly adds volume back around the mouth and helps lift the lips!

Don’t knock it till you try it!

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