When I Say I Use An Invisible Concealer Method...

When it comes to achieving flawless skin, the key is often in the details. As a beauty enthusiast, I have always been on the lookout for new techniques and methods to perfect my makeup routine. One method that has truly transformed my concealer game is the Demi Method. By incorporating color science and a strategic approach to concealer application, the Demi Method has become my invisible concealer secret.

Understanding the Basics of the Demi Method

The Demi Method revolutionizes concealer application by diverging from traditional, heavy-handed techniques. This method instead focuses on a more refined, strategic use of concealer to enhance the skin’s natural beauty without the need for excessive coverage. At its core, the Demi Method is about understanding and leveraging the principles of color science to conceal imperfections in a way that appears almost invisible to the naked eye.

The genius of the Demi Method lies in its precision—carefully selecting and applying different shades of true color to specific areas of the face to neutralize discoloration, diminish the appearance of blemishes, and illuminate the under-eye area. It’s a tailored approach that requires an intimate knowledge of one’s own skin tone and the particular challenges it presents, whether that be dark circles, redness, or uneven pigmentation.

The process begins with the identification and application of a shade that closely matches the skin tone for general areas of concern. I can color match you for Demi!! 

What sets the Demi Method apart is its commitment to a less-is-more philosophy. Instead of masking the skin under layers of product, this technique emphasizes the strategic placement and blending of concealers. This approach not only allows the skin to breathe and maintain a natural texture but also achieves an effortlessly flawless finish that feels as good as it looks.



With Demi you are using highly saturated colors and a very minimal amount.

Most of your creams will last their shelf life which is around 1-2 years.



Demi Tins: $20

Eyeshadows: $14

Brushes range from: $20-$40

Compacts come discounted when you purchase qualifying tins


Which focuses on balancing the light and dark parts of your skin using sheer correctors – aka color science.

It’s an undetectable approach to makeup that is texture free and crease free and lasts all day 🙌🏻

You’ll notice that with Demi we START by adding bronzer to the lighter areas under the eyes.

Believe it or not but your DARKNESS IS NOT THE PROBLEM. It’s actually the light around the darkness that makes the darkness MORE noticeable.

So by balancing the light areas first you’ll realize you don’t have as much darkness to correct. (Yes even if you have very dark under eyes)

Then you go in and neutralize the excess (dark spots) coming through using opposite colors on the color wheel.

Demi correctors are more sheer in consistency but more exact in color and pigment – you use FAR LESS product and again it doesn’t add makeup texture.

-Someone who has fine lines or experiences creasing with makeup often
-Someone who wants a very natural under eye
-Someone who wants a minimal makeup approach
-Someone who doesn’t want makeup texture

Here’s the basic breakdown of how this works for every skin tone:

STEP 1: Use a cream bronzer to add color to the lighter parts of the face (to find the light spots – look for the dark areas first and add color next to it;)

STEP 2: Add color/warmth with blush

STEP 3: Lighten dark spots using opposite colors on the color wheel.

•Redness/acne/purple blue around the eyes needs YELLOW/ORANGE

•Dark spots from sun damage or faded acne scars need ORANGE

•Dull muddy green looking areas (usually around the eyes and mouth) need RED/ORANGE.

👏🏻This is universal to every skin tone 👆🏻