Contour VS Bronzer

Contouring and bronzing have become popular makeup techniques in recent years, and for good reason. These two methods can help enhance our facial features and give us that coveted sculpted look. However, with the rise of cream makeup products, the debate between contour vs bronzer has become even more complex. Some may argue that they serve the same purpose, while others claim they have distinct differences in terms of placement and effect. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of contour and bronzer, understanding their uses and how to properly apply them to achieve your desired look. So, let’s get ready to contour and bronze like pros!


If you want a more natural approach when using contour or bronzer try applying it this way


Contour is mimicking the natural shadows you have on our face: under cheekbones, under jawline, forehead, and sides of nose.


Shadows usually have excess blue or green and if you want to enhance that shadow look for a contour that’s generally on the cooler side.

Quick Tip: If your contour is looking ashy or muddy you know you may have gone too cool or too dark for your skin tone

Bronzer is mimicking a tan from the sun. Think about where you easily burn on the face – across the forehead and usually across the nose and cheeks. That’s where you want your bronzer to go.


I also love to use bronzer down the neck if you have a lighter neck than face.


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