How to Contour For ANY Face Shape

You can kiss those contour maps + weird contour trends goodbye! Regardless of what your face shape category is, everyone’s face is still a little different. And when you learn how to use lights and shadows you naturally have on your face, and how to play them up you’ll be so much happier with your results 🙌🏻


Want more fullness cheekbone? 

-Contour horizontally – think of a check mark shape



Want less fullness? 

Contour more vertically along the cheekbone 

**Make sure you stop your contour at the center of your pupil + outside your smile lines** 

Forehead Contour:

Regardless of your forehead size imagine there is a triangle from the arch of your brow to the center of your forehead down to the other arch of your brow. Contour AROUND the triangle + push the contour up into the hairline

 Temples Contour:

Thin Face? Avoid contouring the temples 

Fuller Face? Contour along the hairline down to the cheekbone 


Jawline Contour: 

Already have a pronounced jawline? Simply contour underneath to enhance it.

Want to create more of a jawline? Contour just above the jawline and blend down into the neck 


Nose Contour:

Do NOT contour on the outside of the nose. Instead contour on TOP of the bridge of the nose. The goal is to create a thin line of light down the center and contour in a V shade at the base. Blend the contour in an inward motion. 



Every time I do a one on one consult with my makeup clients, these are the techniques I teach and the results are 🙌🏻 Remember to be patient with yourself as your hand is learning its muscle memory for application (especially if you have bumps in your👃)

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