Makeup Mistake You May Be Making if You're Over 30: Part 3 Under Eyes

Under eyes can be most problematic because it’s where the skin is the thinnest/most delicate and moves the most! Trying to cover up dark circles or fine lines with heavy products can often result in a thick, unnatural-looking layer of makeup that settles into every crease and wrinkle. But fear not, because we have the solution to achieving a flawless under eye look without the dreaded cakey effect. It’s all about using the right techniques and products, specifically cream makeup and minimal makeup application. Read on to discover the secrets to perfecting your under eye routine and saying goodbye to cakey makeup for good.

When it comes to under-eye makeup, not every product will make the cut. What we need are options that combine finesse with hydration. The under-eye skin is delicate and requires tender love and care. So, makeup products that are too heavy or lack moisturizing elements can contribute to the cakey mess we’re trying to avoid.

Step 1: Product

In the pursuit of perfect under-eye makeup, remember that the products you choose can make or break your look. Make sure they’re light, hydrating, and suited to your skin’s needs. 

For aging skin, I recommend using a lightweight cream that moves with the skin – this will provide a more natural hydrated look! 

Step 2: Shade

Although it may seem contrary, when using a foundation, use a darker shade first to correct darkness – if you try to conceal darkness with a bright/light shade you’ll only end up enhancing the shadows/discoloration. I use one shade darker than my normal foundation shade.

Step 3: Brightening Concealer Shade

Apply your brighter shade to even everything out to the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Step 4: Setting Your Under Eyes

Set with a setting spray vs a setting powder.

Remember: LESS IS MORE! And use your dainty hands for this application

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